“Having had Tim as our broker on a previous purchase, I knew he was the best person for the job. I trust Tim completely, to have our best interests at heart and steer us in the right direction in all aspects of the transactions. Tim is simply the best! My husband and I have had dealings with many different realtors through the years, many of them quite good. I can honestly say that of all of them, Tim is far above the others. He ALWAYS got back to us quickly, ALWAYS had good information and recommendations for us, ALWAYS got us showings on desired properties in a timely manner. I can’t say enough good things about him.” B. Lipps

“After countless emails, phone calls, and texts we finally got it done.  Better yet, before the baby arrived.  We can’t thank you enough for your kindness, understanding, patience, and perseverance during our long distance house hunting process.  It is rare to find a Realtor that is more interested in doing what’s right than making money and we want you to know we have appreciated that very much!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so responsive to our needs.  We will call you again for all our future Indiana real estate needs!”  P. Pries

“After many, long, frustrating years of having my parents home on the market, I received a letter from Tim when the listing expired.  He was confident that the home was priced right and that with his background and his company’s resources, he could bring in a buyer.  Since I live out of state and wasn’t familiar with the real estate market there, I decided to give him a try.  He was responsive and kept me informed on the market and showings.  I found him very professional and hard working.  Almost a month to the day I listed it with him, our house SOLD! Needless to say I would recommend him to anyone who has had a hard time selling their property or to anyone who wants a truly professional realtor representing them.  Thank you, Tim!” J. Loomis

“Tim is the consummate real estate professional, but down to earth and very easy to work with. He went above and beyond the call to help us close a very difficult transaction on our new home. And several months later, he has made himself available to assist with any problems. Highly recommended!” Greg Lipps

“Tim is an awesome realtor. He is very honest and looks out for his clients best interest. Tim made our first home buying experience easy. You won’t find a better realtor than Tim.”  Amanda Wethington

“I highly recommend Tim Retzinger. A true professional who works tirelessly to take care of his clients.”  Dr. Pala

”Tim was always very honest with us as clients. At one point in the beginning of the home search I found a house I was going to settle on though it did not have all of the features I was looking for. Most realtors would have closed the deal to be done however Tim recommended we continue to look until we found exactly what we were looking for and not settle. I would say I am pretty hard to please and Tim always held up even higher than my expectations.”  Christy Lindeman

” I have known Tim since my family and I moved to Indiana in 2013. Tim helped us to find a house to rent. Then, he helped us to buy our new home a year later. Tim is very dedicated to his job and clients. He is good listener and will always go out of his way to satisfy his clients. We were extremely pleased when working with Tim and will unequivocally recommend him.” Franck and Anne Vendeix

“Tim did a great job for us in our house hunt! We looked at over 60 houses before we found the one. We had limited times to look at houses and Tim always found a way to fit us into his schedule. He was really on top of the selling and buying process and always made sure to explain the processes and small details before we committed to anything. He was good about giving us space to look at the houses but also spoke up if there was something he thought was needed to be said and always quick to answer our questions. It was a really easy process with Tim as our realtor and would recommend him to anyone.” Craig Kaiser

“Tim is always on top his game. He stays in constant contact with you throughout the entire process. He will send up to date listings multiple time a week. He doesn’t give up and listens to you wants and needs.”  A. Mackey

“Tim is eager to help you will your needs. He immediately held two open houses to help market my home. He is very knowledgeable in the real estate industry and is result driven.” J. Dennis

Tim is a trustworthy agent who truly does have the best interest of his client at heart. He was very thorough throughout the process and made sure we found the right home for us. Also, he was patient with the hundreds of questions we had for him and quick to respond. I highly recommend Tim. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent.” Keith & Kelsey Sheppard

“Tim has been a dream to work with. He conducted a realty tour for us in 2014 when it was announced that my job would be relocating to Indianapolis and followed up with us around our projected move date. We made the decision to rent a home instead of buying and Tim helped us look at potential homes. Once we made the decision, he helped us every step of the way. The moment we decide to start looking for a home to buy we will be reaching out to Tim regardless of what realty company he is working for!” Maria Miller

“My wife and I relocated and did not know the new area at all.  We worked with Tim for only a couple of days until he found us our perfect home in a great neighborhood.  He made the process of buying our new home an easy one and would definitely recommend him as a realtor!  He is a good and honest  person!” Jay Christman

“Tim was very helpful in finding our new rental. He set up all showings and steered us in the right direction. He listened to our needs and wants and over exceeded our expectations.”  Jeff Johnson

“Like most first time buyers, my wife and I enlisted the help of a friend who was a realtor for our first house. This friend focused more on commercial property and we ended up signing a deal that cost us more money in the end. When we were prepared to sell that house and find another, we gave our friend a shot out of loyalty. We didn’t feel like a priority and no results so we pulled our house off the market after a short period. Tim was an acquaintance of a friend and had only been in the business for a short period. Despite our attempted listing story, Tim convinced us that the market had changed and he could provide better results if we gave him a chance. It didn’t take long to prove what he said. I don’t remember the amount of showings those first few days but it sold over a weekend for more than we had listed with the previous realtor. Finding another home wasn’t as smooth. Despite going through the process before, my wife and I weren’t on the same page. I felt like I looked at every house online. When we did find houses we were outbid or too late. We finally found a house that we put an offer that was accepted on. Looking back, I forced my wife into placing the offer. I think Tim could tell this and tried to calm her fears as well as look out for our best interest. During inspection, multiple issues were discovered and put the sale in jeopardy. Despite possibly losing a sale that would have placed Tim at the top of his branch’s new realtor for the year, he fought for us with the seller and when it became evident that an agreement wasn’t going to be reached, backed us up on the decision to walk away. Guess my wife was right. With our house being sold and closing approaching quickly, things started getting stressful. Tim made us look at a model to really figure out what was important to us in a house. It got us on the same page. Soon after that Tim showed us a home that fit into what both my wife and I wanted. Still here and happy.”  Nathan and Laura Kaiser

“Tim is by far the best realtor you will ever ever find! I will always use him to sell and buy! I recommend him to anyone!”  Mary Heath

“Tim’s knowledge of the local market and trends was impressive. His responsiveness and accessible helped me have questions quickly answered throughout the entire process.”  Todd Kohne

“Tim was great. He worked with me and my wife for years.  We looked at tons of houses. He was with us every step of the way. He was able to answer any question we had, he worked with us whenever we had time I recommend Tim to anyone trying to find a house.” Nicolas Zuber

What an amazing experience. House sold in one day. Beautiful home purchased well below asking and he’s still working for us to get us exactly what we asked for. I’ve never experienced a realtor that gave his all like this. He knows what he’s doing and has a strategy for every scenario. I can’t tell  you how pleased we are. We never knew there could be a realtor like this who truly worked for you and you’re particular situation. Truly custom.  L. Strate

Had an amazing experience! When my friends, who used him to sell their house, recommended him they said he was unlike any realtor they’d ever worked with. That he would be the most involved and hardest working realtor I would ever meet. They were right. What a seamless job. Sold one house for full price offer and bought another for much lower than we thought we could get. If you need a house or need to sell one, seriously this is your man!  R. Strate